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Dicle University

Mining Engineering Department

The Mining Engineering Department of Dicle University was established in 1992 to promote the development of mineral resources of the province and surrounding areas of Diyarbakır and of the country by providing engineering training for the personnel required by the mining industry.

The curriculum of the four-year bachelor's program in mining engineering is composed of sufficient parts to make the mining engineers cover all aspects of the subject.

Dicle University Mining Engineering Department employs 18 academic personnel for education and research.

There is a master’s program in the department besides to the bachelor’s program.

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Dicle University

Mining Engineering Department-Academic staff

Tel: 90 412 248 84 03 / (ext)

Tel: 90 412 248 80 01 / (ext)

Fax: 90 412 248 84 05

Research area

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa AYHAN

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3568

web :

Excavation machines


Marble production methods

Mine support

Assist. Prof. Abdurahman SAYDUT

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3571

web :

Analytical chemistry

Coal dressing and technology

Energy technology


Assist. Prof. Erhan ÇETİN

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3575

web :

Mine valuation

System analysis

Assist. Prof. F. Deniz ÖZTÜRK

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3570

web :

Coal preparation

Mineral processing

Assist. Prof. M. Şefik İMAMOĞLU

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3576

web :

Mineral deposits


Assist. Prof. Orhan KAVAK

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3577

web :

General geology

Petroleum geology

Organic geochemistry

Energy raw materials


Assist. Prof. Ozgur AKKOYUN

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3578

web :

Rock blasting and explosives

Quality control in marble plants

Computer applications in mining

Assist. Prof. Askeri KARAKUŞ

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3572

web :

Rock mechanics

Marble technology

Rock sawability

Assist. Prof. Halime Abakay TEMEL

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3573

web :

Coal preparation

Mineral processing

Lecturer M. Emin AYDIN

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3581

web :

Research assistant Sümeyra Cevheroğu ÇIRA

e-mail :

tel (ext): 3579

web :

Research assistant Felat DURSUN

e-mail :

tel (ext):

web :

Lectures Thought at Mining Engineering Department

Semester 1 (Fall)

Mathematics I

Physics I

Chemistry I

Chemistry lab I


Introduction to mining

Engineering drawings

Principles of ataturk and turkish revolutionary history



Physical education

Semester 2 (Spring)

Mathematics II

Physics II

Chemistry II

Chemistry lab II



Computers and introduction to computing systems

Principles of ataturk and Turkish revolutionary history



Physical education

Semester 3 (Fall)

Mathematics III


Engineering materials



Mineral processing I

Mineral processing lab I

Mine preparation and excavation

Computer programming

Reading and speaking in foreign language

Semester 4 (Spring)

Mathematics IV


Engineering thermodynamics

Electrotechnics and electrical machinery


Mineral processing II

Mineral processing lab II

Underground mining methods

Machine equipment

Professional foreign language I

Summer practice

Semester 5 (Fall)

Fluid mechanics

Mineral deposits

Engineering drilling


Rock mechanics


Mine ventilation

Mine machinery

Professional foreign language II

Semester 6 (Spring)


Mine valuation

Principles of scientific writings and presentation

Mine transportation and drainage

Open pit mining methods


Mine economics

Foreign language for business

Technical elective

Summer practice

Semester 7 (Fall)

Coal preparation and technology

Underground surveying

Mine support

Mining law

Engineering project I

Technical elective

Technical elective

Semester 8 (Spring)

Environmental problems in mining

Mine safety

Management of establishments

Engineering project II

Technical elective

Technical elective

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