Erasmus Koordinatörlüğü
Incoming Students

Dear International Students who wish to study at Dicle University

You can have a look on the comments of our old Erasmus students about their exchange period at Dicle University

Please check the items below to get more information about programs and application procedures. For your questions regarding application procedures, please send an email to:

A. Before arrival, you are requested to fill in and send us by email

Application form and Housing Form

Learning agreement


 B. On your arrival you need to submit:

The original documents (application form, housing form and learning agreement)

Copy of your passport

C. Insurance:

All exchange students need to have a valid health insurance in Turkey. It is possible to have insurance after you come to Turkey; however you can also complete this procedure in your home countries. In this case, the health insurance needs to include the points in the table below. Otherwise, you may need to make insurance in Turkey.

Minimum Policy Content



Contracted Institutions       


* Non- Contracted Institutions

Annual Minimum Limit


Annual Minimum Limit



Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment

2.000. -TL


Insured: % 40

Company: % 60





Insured     : % 40

Company  : % 60



Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment




Insured    : % 0

Company : % 100





Insured     : % 20

Company  : % 80



* Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.)  do not have an agreement with the insurer.

D. Residence Permit

All exchange students who wish to study in Turkey for more than 3 months need to apply for residence permit.  You can learn about the necessary documents upon your arrival at Dicle University. 

E On departure:

Ask for a certificate at the international office that you were an exchange student at Dicle University

Make sure you have your transcript of records


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