Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi
Orientation Programme


Within the frame of the orientation program, the students who newly joined the university are informed with presentation programs that will help them to have effective, productive and problem-free time during their education period at Dicle University and in Diyarbakır. The presentation team of Dicle University introduces the social, cultural life of the university by giving information about the departments and programs of the university.

The social facilities; sports facilities and fields; laboratories; student clubs, and their activities; and the places that will meet students' accommodation needs (house or guest-house) are introduced in the orientation programs.

Besides, in order to well-inform the students about Diyarbakır and to help them live more easily, presentations are given. Students are informed about the principal shopping centre, libraries, cultural centres, sport centres, the activities they may participate in during their spare time, and how they can make use of these activities, arrival and health services, and historical and attractions of Diyarbakır.

Events such as tea parties and entertainments are organized in order to create a friendly atmosphere at the university and friendly relations among the students in the departments.

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