Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

Host Country Formalities


    Dicle University has dormitories. However, because the university is close to the city centre, transportation to the university is quite easy. Students may choose to stay in private dormitories which may fit to their financial status.  International Relations Office help incoming Erasmus students  find appropriate accomodation.



    In Dicle University's dining hall Lunch: appr. 30 Euro (per month)

    Except for free days.

    Academic staff, administrative staff and students' lunch meals are always prepared in the same kitchens and the same meals are served in different areas and these meals are prepared according to the calorie needs necessary for the season. A control mechanism is formed in order to provide healthier meals for the students and the staff.

    In our university and its schools of higher education, there are 5 kitchens and 5 dining-halls, and four different courses are served for lunch to approximately 5000 people.


    • Dolmuş: 1.50 TL per passenger for student
    • Taxi: tariff begins with 2.00 TL, 1 TL per 1 km.
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