Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi
Before Coming to Turkey

Host Country Formalities


  1. Enrolment Document 
    Dicle University will send an enrolment document to the international students who have filled in 'Application Form' completely. This enrolment document will be needed while completing the other documents.

  2. Student Visa
    • To become a student in any Turkish University, it is compulsory to get a visa.
    • In order to get a student visa:
      The student has to apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate in his/her own country with the following documents:

      a) The copy of the enrolment documents which Dicle University has sent previously.

      b) The visa application form which is given by the Turkish Consulate on the demand of the student.

      An Important Note: Check if it is a student visa.
    • The validity period is on the visa. However, the visa is valid during the enrolment period of the student at the university.


  3. Residence Permit:
    • Students who will come to Turkey also have to take a residence permit. The students have to apply to Diyarbakır Directorate of Security - Foreigners' Office in a month, and below is an information about the Directorate: 
      Address: Diyarbakır Emniyet Müdürlüğü
    • Officials will be tolerant in case the time period is exceeded.
    • Documents needed for residence permit
      -Enrolment Document
      -Passport (with a student visa)
    • You can get residence permit in 2-3 days. The individual is responsible for the procedures. 
    • After getting residence permit, one copy is given to the Registrar's Office.


Extending the Residence Permit:

If the students who have the residence permit want to extend their residence permit, they have to apply to Diyarbakır Directorate of Security with a document showing that they renewed their registration at their universities. If the residence permit is submitted every year it will be extended for one year. The application to extend the residence should be made before the expiry date of the residence permit.

Termination of Relation with the University:

Foreign students have to inform the Provincial Directorate of Security, which they have taken their residence permit from, about their graduation, changing school, leaving school with permission, or their dismissals.


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