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Direct flights to Diyarbakır Kaplaner Airport  are a little limited, certainly in comparison with another big cities. The most regular services are with Luftansa, probably because there are 6 million Turks living in Germany and another countries.

You can get internal flights to Diyarbakır with Turkish Airlines (THY-Türk Hava Yolları,SunexpressPegasusOnur AirAnadolu Jet from Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya and the less popular airports with very little difficulty and at a reasonable cost. It is a nice way to get around if you have been on too night buses.The airport is in the city and if you don't fancy shelling out for a taxi there is a regular bus that will drop you at either the city centerfor fraction of the cost.

Every regional transport hub has bus service to Diyarbakır and the bus station, located about 5 km. to the south west  of the city center, offers services to pretty much everywhere in Turkey.

You can find detailed information about the flights from these web site.

Departure Times:

Airport- City Center (Dağkapı): Service between airport and the city terminal will be scheduled according to the arrival times of flights.

City Center (Dağkapı)- Airport: Service between 06.00-24.00 in every hour.


Airport- Alay - Ofis - Vilayet - City Center (Dağkapı).

Arrival time: Approximately 20 minutes

Ticket fee: 2 TL (VAT inc.)

Phone Number

Diyarbakır Kaplaner Airport:              0412 233 27 19


Train Path between Turkey and European Contries is provided with Bosfor Express which runs everyday between Istanbul- Bucharest- İstanbul and another train which runs everyday between İstanbul- Salonika- İstanbul. Istanbul-Sofia, Istanbul- Belgrade-, Istanbul-Budapest and also Istanbul_ Kişinev path is provided thorugh additional carriages to Bosfor Express. After the train trip to Turkey (Istanbul), you can use airlines or buses to come Diyarbakır from Istanbul.

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